I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1951. Austere, post-war Britain was still in the grip of mass rationing though I can say it never seemed to affect me being a big old chubby baby at the time.


Throughout school, drawing, painting and modeling clay and Plastercine were among my very earliest memories. At senior school, my art teacher was David Drummond Milne. He was in his early twenties, ultra positive, fresh from Art College and teacher training and bursting with ideas which he passed onto us with tremendous relish and great enthusiasm. Needless to say he inspired me a lot. Not only did he ignite my imagination and teach me how to paint and draw, he taught me how to see and not just look. His interest became mine and my love of art grew from then on.


In July 1969 I left school to start a foundation course in September, prior to taking a Diploma in Art & Design, at Newcastle College of Fashion in Bath Lane. Unfortunately, at this particular time, family fiscal circumstances prevented me from starting the course at Bath Lane, something I still regret a bit. However, I was lucky enough to get a job as an Art Technician in a Teacher Training College in Newcastle.


As it happened, the job turned out to be worth more than actually doing an art course at college. During the four years there, I learnt so much about arts and crafts with the added bonus of getting paid. I remember beavering away in the studios listening to lecturers explaining quite profound ideas on their particular discipline to students ... invaluable. I was also in charge of the quite expansive departmental library with some of the best books on Art available which I devoured at every opportunity.


By 1973 I was desperate to get out into the world and work as some sort of commercial artist. In September 1973 I started work as a sign designer but was made redundant as a result of the fall-out of the three-day-week in early 1974. Come the summer of 1974 I was living and working in London and since then I have mainly worked in advertising design and marketing in both London and the US as well as back home in Newcastle.


To date I have never exhibited my work anywhere … Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve neither had the time, the offers, nor possibly, the inclination.