Perhaps more than any other subject to do with human activity, everyone and their granny, to use an old ‘Geordie’ expression, has an opinion about Art. That’s not a problem for me. There’s so much snobbery and rampant elitism surrounding this most precious activity of ours that what yet another person thinks about ‘Art’ doesn’t matter at all. Nothing to do with what people produce as art and gets shown in an art gallery, or is displayed on a web site for that matter, is a problem to me, nor should it be to anyone else. We all get what we can from what each of us produces and then move on. Everyone has the choice to look or not to look.

I love art with a passion that constantly takes me by surprise. I’m in dumbstruck awe at some of the stunning works of art our species have created; from the ancient, and very beautiful, enigmatic cave paintings of our ancestors, to the latest David Hockney iPad paintings, even the most modern day work of convoluted, unfathomable conceptual art, I think, all add to our collective creativity.


It’s funny how your opinions can change as you get older. I used to think, because of my interest in 20th Century Art, that painting was always tending towards pure abstraction simply because that was the logical way for it to go. But whatever art is, it certainly isn’t logical and sometimes you can be blinded by the thoughts and musings of people you admire simply because you want to believe them and not because it is necessarily the truth. I realised if I was to believe that about Art in general, then I would have to believe it was going down a cul-de-sac because there would be nowhere else for it to go. This is patently absurd, abstract art was just another facet of our inherent need to do something different because we can.


Getting back to basics; for me, Visual Art in particular, is simply the quaint, old-fashioned idea of creating thought-provoking works which imbues something relevant in the viewer. Over and above that, I also believe it is something deeply embedded in the human psyche and we cannot do without it. Creativity is in our DNA whether we recognize it or not. So much so in fact that those among us, who say they can’t ‘do’ art in any form whatsoever, which I vehemently dispute, are yet still able to truly appreciate the artistic qualities of someone else’s work. It is a strange person indeed who doesn’t like any kind of Art at all.


Of course the act of producing a fantastic image, or forming clay into a magnificent pot, or composing a piece of beautiful music is something only very few human beings can do very well. We can’t all be Picasso’s, Barbara Hepworth’s, or Mozart’s. Who knows, that may well be the ultimate goal of our evolutionary creative nature, let’s hope so eh?


As for me, as long as my poor old eyes hold out, the debilitating tendonitis in my right arm is kept in check and this painful arthritis in my right hand allows me to do so, I will go on producing images that mean something to me and others too hopefully. That’s all I can do. My only real aspiration is to try and reflect little bits of inspirational frozen light into people’s eyes through my work. I have no other wish.