Gallery 3 - Postcards


These are a series of black and white postcards I drew between 1982 and 1985 (I digitised them in 2002). Although they’re quite crude, they do represent a seminal moment in my art life. Two documentaries shown on TV at the time also helped a lot, Jacob Bronowski’s, ‘The Ascent of Man’ and Jonathan Miller’s, ‘States of Mind’. This was a time of finding out and learning for me culminating in an eye-opening, mind-expanding, back-packing trek around South East Asia in the summer of 1985.

I am dedicating this range of postcard images to my best friend Philip Wood (featured in a couple of them) who died very suddenly of a heart attack in October 1993. He was only 41 years old. His inspiration and encouragement was a huge part in helping me rekindle my active interest in art and creative writing.

As an electronics engineer with a sound knowledge of science, Phil was able to explain quite complicated scientific theories to me in layman’s terms. We both loved philosophy, science and art and spent many days and nights trying to work out the reason why we were able to even talk and think about such things in the first place.

There was always great music to accompany our often heated debates. We were also able to make each other laugh as no one else could. I miss him terribly. There were times when he could be quite difficult, irascible, argumentative, but then other times when he was very funny, generous and delightful company. To me Phil was everything a human being should be. Hardly a day goes by when I think to myself, “I wonder what Phil would have thought about that?”