Gallery 2 - LottoArt


Another facet of my work involves experimental abstract layouts based solely on ‘Chance & Order’. I am very interested in the way chance and probability events play out in art and life and I wanted to devise a way of expressing and exploring these thoughts and ideas.

My inspiration came from the British constructivist artist, Kenneth Martin. He used graph paper and various set co-ordinates to produce his chance and order paintings of 1960’s.

I like the fact that in art, any piece that takes its final finished form from the results of unplanned, chance events; it presents us with the sort of objective truth that would difficult to replicate by subjective analysis. KM picked numbers at random from a bag and then threw a die to see how many lines, (6,5,4,3,2 or 1) would make up the line between those points. He then overlapped each set as they were chosen in real time. (See below).


The artist’s emotions and subjectivity are kept in check because they are striving for truthful expression through a methodology and medium they basically have no control over.

‘LottoArt’ is about my graphic experiments with chance and probability. My idea was to give unplanned, chance events a visually stimulating structure by randomly choosing numbers in real time and assigning them a sequential colour and shape, and then placing them in a grid in order to record the results. I used the UK National Lottery game method as a way to extract numbers picked out by chance.

I devised a number of different grid arrangements to show how my experiment would work using a variety of sizes and shapes, mainly squares, rectangles and lines. I chose the six colours of the rainbow to match each of the six numbers chosen in a timed sequence of red first, then orange, yellow, green, blue and finally violet. I wanted to show if there was a link between chaos and order, symmetry and irregularity had if there was a hidden beauty within their spheres of operation.

My exploration into this project has given me a fascinating insight into the machinations and mysteries associated with order and chaos, chance and probability, symmetry and irregularity. It would be great if others find the same.